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Storm time spatial variations in TEC during moderate geomagnetic storms in extremely low solar activity conditions (2007\textendash2009) over Indian region

AuthorSunda, Surendra; Vyas, B.M.; Khekale, P.V.;
KeywordsElectrodynamics; Equatorial and low-latitude; geomagnetic storm; Total electron content (TEC)

The total electron content (TEC) measurements from a network of GPS receivers were analyzed to investigate the storm time spatial response of ionosphere over the Indian longitude sector. The GPS receivers from the GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) network which are uniquely located around the \~77\textdegreeE longitude are used in the present study so as to get the complete latitudinal coverage from the magnetic equator to low mid-latitude region. We have selected the most intense storms but of moderate intensity (-100\ nT\ \<\ Dst\ \<\ -50\ nT) which occurred during the unusually extremely low solar activity conditions in 2007\textendash2009. Though the storms are of moderate intensity, their effects on equatorial to low mid-latitude ionosphere are found to be very severe as TEC deviations are more than 100\% during all the storms studied. Interesting results in terms of spatial distribution of positive/negative effects during the main/early recovery phase of storms are noticed. The maximum effect was observed at crest region during two storms whereas another two storms had maximum effect near the low mid-latitude region. The associated mechanisms like equatorial electrodynamics and neutral dynamics are segregated and explained using the TIMED/GUVI and EEJ data during these storms. The TEC maps are generated to investigate the storm time development/inhibition of equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA).

Year of Publication2013
JournalAdvances in Space Research
Number of Pages158-176
Date Published07/2013