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Space Weather Program at Antarctica

The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) in diverse areas such as surveying, enroute navigation and precision approach of aircraft, deformation monitoring, and various land/marine navigation applications necessitate high accuracy and availability. In the presence of time varying irregularities in ionospheric degrades the performance of the GPS receiver.

Tiwari, R; Purohit, PK; Gwal, AK;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2019     DOI:


EC response during severe geomagnetic storms near the crest of equatorial ionization anomaly

The responses of the ionosphere near equatorial anomaly crest as observed at Bhopal (geographic 23.2\textdegreeN, 77.4\textdegreeE, and magnetic latitude 14.2\textdegreeN), India for geomagnetic storms during 15 May 2005 (SSC: 0239 hrs UT, SymH: -305 nT) and 24 August 2005 (SSC: 0615 hrs UT, SymH: -179 nT) has been studied using total electron content (TEC). TEC data is recorded by GPS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitor (GISTM) GSV4004A at Bhopal. The temporal variations of vertical total electron content (VTEC) du ...

Jain, A.; Tiwari, S.; Jain, S.; Gwal, A.;

Published by: Indian Journal of Radio \& Space Physics      Published on: 03/2010

YEAR: 2010     DOI: