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Effect of atmospheric tides on the morphology of the quiet time, postsunset equatorial ionospheric anomaly

England, S.; Immel, T.; Sagawa, E.; Henderson, S.; Hagan, M.; Mende, S.; Frey, H.; Swenson, C.; Paxton, L.;

Published by: Journal of Geophysical Research      Published on: Jan-01-2006

YEAR: 2006     DOI: 10.1029/2006JA011795


Control of the Equatorial Ionospheric Morphology by Atmospheric Tides: TIMED GUVI and IMAGE FUV Observations

England, SL; Immel, TJ; Sagawa, E; Henderson, S; Hagan, ME; Mende, SB; Frey, HU; Swenson, C; Paxton, LJ;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2005     DOI:

Simultaneous ground-and satellite-based airglow observations of geomagnetic conjugate plasma bubbles in the equatorial anomaly

We compare, for the first time, geomagnetically-conjugate plasma bubbles observed by ground-based OI 630.0-nm all-sky imagers at Shigaraki, Japan (34.8◦ N, 136.1◦ E; magnetic

Ogawa, Tadahiko; Sagawa, Eiichi; Otsuka, Yuichi; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Immel, Thomas;

Published by: Earth, planets and space      Published on:

YEAR: 2005     DOI: 10.1186/BF03351822