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SIHLA, a mission of opportunity to L1 to map H Lyman alpha emissions from the heliopause, the interplanetary medium, the Earth's geocorona and comets

Paxton, Larry; Provornikova, Elena; Roelof, Edmond; emerais, Eric; Izmodenov, Vladislav; Katushkina, Olga; Mierkiewicz, Edwin; Baliukin, Igor; Gruntman, Mike; Taguchi, Makoto; , others;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2020     DOI:


SIHlA-Spatial/spectral imaging of hydrogen Lyman alpha

Paxton, L; Roelof, E; Lisse, C; Vervack, R; McNutt, R; Provornikova, E; Cox, A; Dyster, J; Gruntman, M; Katushkina, O; , others;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2019     DOI:


The effect of ring current electron scattering rates on magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling

This simulation study investigated the electrodynamic impact of varying descriptions of the diffuse aurora on the magnetosphere-ionosphere (M-I) system. Pitch angle diffusion caused by waves in the inner magnetosphere is the primary source term for the diffuse aurora, especially during storm time. The magnetic local time (MLT) and storm-dependent electrodynamic impacts of the diffuse aurora were analyzed using a comparison between a new self-consistent version of the Hot Electron Ion Drift Integrator with varying electron ...

Perlongo, N.; Ridley, A.; Liemohn, M.; Katus, R.;

Published by: Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics      Published on: 04/2017

YEAR: 2017     DOI: 10.1002/2016JA023679