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Estimating The Forces That Drive Ionosphere And Thermosphere Variability: Continuous Data And Assimilative Modeling

onosphere-thermosphere science has long been hampered by a lack of measurements of the underlying forces that determine plasma structure. These forces include electric fields, thermospheric composition, winds and solar EUV irradiance. All of these forces are dynamic quantities and of great importance to the underlying science. The rapid proliferation of electron density and total electron content measurements from ground and space-borne GPS receivers and other instruments suggests a great potential in the following indirect ...

Mannucci, Anthony; Pi, Xiaoqing; Butala, Mark; Stephens, Phil; Wilson, Brian; Komjathy, Attila; Iijima, Byron; Akopian, Vardan; Dumett, Miguel;

Published by: To advocate developing a model-based approach to retrieving the driving forces from measurements of electron density structure and dynamics      Published on:

YEAR: 2010     DOI:


Local time dependence of the prompt ionospheric response for the 7, 9, and 10 November 2004 superstorms

We investigate the effects of penetration electric fields, meridional thermospheric neutral winds, and composition perturbation zones (CPZs) on the distribution of low-latitude plasma during the 7\textendash11 November 2004 geomagnetic superstorm. The impact on low-latitude plasma was assessed using total electron content (TEC) measurements from a latitudinally distributed array of ground-based GPS receivers in South America. Jicamarca Radio Observatory incoherent scatter radar measurements of vertical E\texttimesB drift ...

Mannucci, Anthony; Tsurutani, Bruce; Kelley, Michael; Iijima, Byron; Komjathy, Attila;

Published by: Journal of Geophysical Research      Published on: Jan-01-2009

YEAR: 2009     DOI: 10.1029/2009JA014043


XUV Photometer System (XPS): Improved Solar Irradiance Algorithm Using CHIANTI Spectral Models

Woods, Thomas; Chamberlin, Phillip; Peterson, W.; Meier, R.; Richards, Phil; Strickland, Douglas; Lu, Gang; Qian, Liying; Solomon, Stanley; Iijima, B.; Mannucci, A.; Tsurutani, B.;

Published by: Solar Physics      Published on: Jan-08-2008

YEAR: 2008     DOI: 10.1007/s11207-008-9196-6


GNSS-based space weather systems including COSMIC ionospheric measurements


Komjathy, Attila; Mandrake, Lukas; Wilson, Brian; Iijima, Byron; Pi, Xiaoqing; Hajj, George; Mannucci, Anthony;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2006     DOI:


The October 28, 2003 extreme EUV solar flare and resultant extreme ionospheric effects: Comparison to other Halloween events and the Bastille Day event

Some of the most intense solar flares measured in 0.1 to 0.8 nm x-rays in recent history occurred near the end of 2003. The Nov 4 event is the largest in the NOAA records (X28) and the Oct 28 flare was the fourth most intense (X17). The Oct 29 flare was class X7. These flares are compared and contrasted to the July 14, 2000 Bastille Day (X10) event using the SOHO SEM 26.0 to 34.0 nm EUV and TIMED SEE 0.1\textendash194 nm data. High time resolution, \~30s ground-base GPS data and the GUVI FUV dayglow data are used to exami ...

Tsurutani, B.; Judge, D.; Guarnieri, F.; Gangopadhyay, P.; Jones, A.; Nuttall, J.; Zambon, G.A.; Didkovsky, L.; Mannucci, A.J.; Iijima, B.; Meier, R.; Immel, T.J.; Woods, T.; Prasad, S.; Floyd, L.; Huba, J.; Solomon, S.; Straus, P.; Viereck, R.;

Published by: Geophysical Research Letters      Published on: 02/2005

YEAR: 2005     DOI: 10.1029/2004GL021475


Results from CHAMP, SAC/C and IOXGPS ionospheric occultations obtained by the Abel Inversion and data assimilation

No Slide Title Page 1 Results from CHAMP, SAC/C and IOX GPS Ionospheric Occultations Obtained by the Abel Inversion and Data Assimilation Lukas Mandrake, JPL George Hajj, JPL

Mandrake, Lukas; Hajj, George; Iijima, Byron; Pi, Xiaoqing; Rosen, Gary; Straus, Paul; Wang, Chunming; Wilson, Brian;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2003     DOI: