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Response of Equatorial Ionization in Indian Longitudes to HSSW Driven Geomagnetic Storm

Sur, Dibyendu; Firdaus, Jasmine; Paul, Trisha; Dutta, Raktima; Bhattacharyya, Chaitali;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2020     DOI:

Correlation of Disturbed Dynamo Electric Field and Thermospheric Plasma Transport with Latitudinally Diverse Total Electron Content During Recovery Phase of a Geomagnetic Storm

The present paper establishes positive correlation between the latitudinal extents of Disturbed Dynamo electric Field (DDEF) with the intensity of geomagnetic storm during October

Sur, Dibyendu; Firdaus, Jasmine; Dutta, Raktima; Chakraborty, Athena;

Published by: Proceedings of Industry Interactive Innovations in Science, Engineering \& Technology (I3SET2K19)      Published on:

YEAR: 2020     DOI:


Neutralized solar wind ahead of the Earth s magnetopause as contribution to non-thermal exospheric hydrogen

Their exciting result is inferred from radiative transfer modeling of Lyman-alpha resonance glow measurements made with the satellite TIMED/GUVI. To best fit these results with their

Fahr, Hans; Nass, Uwe; Dutta-Roy, Robindro; Zoennchen, Jochen;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2018     DOI: 10.5194/angeo-36-445-2018