Level 1C File Versions


File Version

Software Version

Cal Table Version


Software Version 2.9

Calibration Version 9.0



Fixed computation of product revisions to adjust for .gz file extensions.

Modified error handling in case of invalid position, velocity, or attitude (PVAT) data.

Added more error checking to be picked up in post processing.

Set DQIs for bad PVAT or altitude data.

Record instrument mode changes.

Fixed ability to process first day of year.

New Ability to create L1C products.


Improved scattered light correction, particularly for pre-day 052 in 2002.


Software Version 2.9

Calibration Version 9.0


Added ability to read level 1B file either as a whole or 1 scan at a time.

Max Phi and Theta values are computed (was fixed size) and written in level 1C files.

Modified rectification algorithm.

Skip invalid pixels when calculating rectification sigmas.

Added look angle computations.

Added Phi radius.

See Version 9 Above


Software Version 3.1

Calibration Version 9.0



Writes orbit numbers as integers in all file headers instead of short integers.

Fixed processing look-back date at year-end rollover

See Version 9 Above


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