Comparison of penetration electric fields created by the solar wind with Jicamarca data using SWAGE


SWAGE (Solar Wind Acting on the Geophysical Environment) calculates the global ionospheric electric field generated by high-latitude electrodynamics drivers determined from the time-shifted solar wind data measured at L1 by joining the Hill-Siscoe polar cap potential model with the N-C ionospheric potential solver. Of particular interest are the conditions under which the eastward equatorial penetration electric field near twilight contributes to the pre-reversal enhancement (PRE). In the present model, it is found that a steeper terminator conductance gradient leads to a more pronounced PRE. The model is statistically consistent with the Jicamarca vertical drift data at twilight during quiet times for eighty-two days in the years 1998\textendash2005. The model is also consistent with the Jicamarca vertical drift data during the November 2004 magnetic superstorms (Dst\ \< -250 nT) and highlights the importance of including the LT dependence of the ionospheric response. In this comparison, disturbance dynamo (DD) effects are also included. Comparison is much better using the conductance model with a shallower terminator gradient and indicates that the conductance LT profile was relatively unchanged throughout the storms.

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Journal of Geophysical Research
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