The Global Response of Terrestrial Ionosphere to the December 2015 Space Weather Event

This paper investigates the ionospheric storm of December 19–21, 2015, which was initiated by two successive CME eruptions that caused a G3 space weather event. We used the in situ electron density (Ne) and electron temperature (Te) and the Total Electron Content (TEC) measurements from SWARM-A satellite, as well as the O/N2 observations from TIMED/GUVI to study the ionospheric impact. The observations reveal the longitudinal and hemispherical differences in the ionospheric response to the storm event. A positive ionospheric storm was observed over the American, African and Asian regions on 20 December, and the next day showed a negative storm. Both these exhibited hemispheric differences. A positive storm was observed over the East Pacific region on 21 December.
Year of Publication
Advances in Space Research
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