Design of FUV imaging spectrometer based on crossed Czerny-Turner structure

This article describes the characteristics of the far ultraviolet (FUV) radiation and its applications in the space weather s research and prediction. The FUV imaging spectrometer is irreplaceable to get the FUV radiation data of the earth s upper atmosphere. Some key technologies of FUV spectrometer are analyzed respectively, including window materials, FUV light source, FUV detectors and FUV coating, which offer theoretical foundation for FUV imaging spectrometer. The paper presents a FUV band imaging spectrometer s optical system which is based on crossed Czerny-Turner structure with all reflective components in it. The wavelength range of the FUV spectrometer optical system is from 100nm to 200nm and the initial structure is simulated and optimized by Zemax in order to improve the spectral resolution. The theoretical spectral resolution of the system is better than 1nm, and it has a certain imaging capacity.
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