Simultaneous observation of ionospheric plasma bubble and mesospheric gravity wave activities during CAWSES 2005 SpreadFEx Campaign

During the SpreadFEx campaign from September 22 to November 8, 2005, two airglow CCD imagers, located at near Brasilia (14.8S, 47.6W, Mag. 10S) and at Cariri (7.4S, 36.5W, Mag. 9S) were operated simultaneously and measured the equatorial ionospheric bubble structures and their time evolution by monitoring the OI 6300 emission. From the 10 nights of coincident data, we observed that on some nights the bubbles was formed at the west of Cariri, but not seen from the Brasilia site. This suggests that the bubble formation and development started near the Cariri observation site. Identification of a longitudinal zone where the SpF is seeding is very important in order to find the mechanism of formation. The present paper will discuss SpF seeding mechanisms and possible contribution of the mesospheric gravity wave activity.
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