Conversion of GUVI O/N2 and NDP products to NetCDF

In the spirit of NASA’s Open Science initiative, we are working to make all GUVI data available in a standard format NetCDF




O/N2 products
  • Have been converted into a NetCDF “classic” style NetCDF product
  • Will use standard GUVI product headers
  • Will be georeferenced, so that displaying the O/N2 gridded data can be automatically be plotted as global map in tools like Panoply (see at right)
  • Samples available to download for evaluation for both imaging and spectrograph modes

Panoply display of new NetCDF GUVI products. Imaging mode O/N2 (top) spectrograph gridded O/N2 (middle) and spectrograph gridded interpolated O/N2 (bottom).

GUVI O/N2 Imaging through Panoply


Neutral Density Profiles (NDP)
  • Products will be restructured into NetCDF ”classic” format
  • All information about parameters used in the analysis program will be preserved.
  • Products will be georeferenced
  • Standard GUVI header will be used
  • Only available in imaging mode, since these require a scanned limb profile. Samples available soon…

GUVI O/N2 Spectrograph through Panoply



GUVI O/N2 Spectrograph through Panoply