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Journal Article
N. Gopalswamy, Barbieri, L., Cliver, E. W., Lu, G., Plunkett, S. P., and Skoug, R. M., Introduction to violent Sun-Earth connection events of October–November 2003, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 110, no. A9, 2005.
G. Lu, Goncharenko, L., Nicolls, M. J., Maute, A., Coster, A., and Paxton, L. J., Ionospheric and thermospheric variations associated with prompt penetration electric fields, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 117, no. A8, 2012.
C. H. Lin, Richmond, A. D., Liu, J. Y., Yeh, H. C., Paxton, L. J., Lu, G., Tsai, H. F., and Su, S. - Y., Large-scale variations of the low-latitude ionosphere during the October–November 2003 superstorm: Observational results, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 110, no. A9, 2005.
G. Lu, Li, W. H., Raeder, J., Deng, Y., Rich, F., Ober, D., Zhang, Y. L., Paxton, L. J., Ruohoniemi, J. M., Hairston, M., and Newell, P., Reversed two-cell convection in the Northern and Southern hemispheres during northward interplanetary magnetic field, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 116, no. A12, 2011.
J. U. Kozyra, Liemohn, M. W., Cattell, C., De Zeeuw, D., Escoubet, C. P., Evans, D. S., Fang, X., Fok, M. - C., Frey, H. U., Gonzalez, W. D., Hairston, M., Heelis, R., Lu, G., Manchester, W. B., Mende, S., Paxton, L. J., Rastaetter, L., Ridley, A., Sandanger, M., Soraas, F., Sotirelis, T., Thomsen, M. W., Tsurutani, B. T., and Verkhoglyadova, O., Solar filament impact on 21 January 2005: Geospace consequences, Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, vol. 119, no. 7, pp. 5401 - 5448, 2014.