TitleDiffuse and Pulsating Aurora
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsNishimura, Y, Lessard, MR, Katoh, Y, Miyoshi, Y, Grono, E, Partamies, N, Sivadas, N, Hosokawa, K, Fukizawa, M, Samara, M, Michell, RG, Kataoka, R, Sakanoi, T, Whiter, DK, Oyama, S-ichiro, Ogawa, Y, Kurita, S
JournalSpace Science Reviews
Date Published01/2020

This chapter reviews fundamental properties and recent advances of diffuse and pulsating aurora. Diffuse and pulsating aurora often occurs on closed field lines and involves energetic electron precipitation by wave-particle interaction. After summarizing the definition, large-scale morphology, types of pulsation, and driving processes, we review observation techniques, occurrence, duration, altitude, evolution, small-scale structures, fast modulation, relation to high-energy precipitation, the role of ECH waves, reflected and secondary electrons, ionosphere dynamics, and simulation of wave-particle interaction. Finally we discuss open questions of diffuse and pulsating aurora.

Short TitleSpace Sci Rev

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