TitleDayside Aurora
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsFrey, HU, Han, D, Kataoka, R, Lessard, MR, Milan, SE, Nishimura, Y, Strangeway, RJ, Zou, Y
JournalSpace Science Reviews
Date Published11/2019

Dayside aurora is related to processes in the dayside magnetosphere and especially at the dayside magnetopause. A number of dayside aurora phenomena are driven by reconnection between the solar wind interplanetary magnetic field and the Earth’s internal magnetic field at the magnetopause. We summarize the properties and origin of aurora at the cusp foot point, High Latitude Dayside Aurora (HiLDA), Poleward Moving Auroral Forms (PMAFs), aurora related to traveling convection vortices (TCV), and throat aurora. Furthermore we discuss dayside diffuse aurora, morning side diffuse aurora spots, and shock aurora.

Short TitleSpace Sci Rev

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