TitleFar ultraviolet nighttime ionospheric photometer
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFu, L, Peng, R, Shi, E, Peng, J, Wang, T, Jiang, F, Jia, N, Li, X, Wang, YM
JournalAstrophysics and Space Science
Date Published01/2015
KeywordsF2 electron density distribution; FUV optical sensing remote; High sensitivity; Ionosphere; Payload

Far Ultraviolet Nighttime Ionopsheric Photometer (FNIP) is a newly-designed instrument for low earth orbit missions, observing the earth night airglow nadir at OI 135.6 nm emission produced by ionospheric O++e recombination and receiving the horizontal information on nighttime ionosphere with a spatial resolution of about 1.6∘×3.8∘. This simple, highly robust instrument excludes OI 130.4 nm emission and Herzberg oxygen bands with lower power and approximately achieves a sensitivity of about 400 counts/s/Rayleigh at 135.6 nm with stray light less than 2 %. Some tests of the instrument have been conducted and the results will be discussed in the end.

Short TitleAstrophys Space Sci

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