TitleEffects observed in the equatorial and low latitude ionospheric F-region in the Brazilian sector during low solar activity geomagnetic storms and comparison with the COSMIC measurements
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSahai, Y, de Jesus, R, Fagundes, PR, Selhorst, CL, de Abreu, AJ, S. Ram, T, Aragon-Angel, A, Pillat, VG, Abalde, JR, Lima, WLC, Bittencourt, JA
JournalAdvances in Space Research
Pagination1344 - 1351
Date Published11/2012
KeywordsCOSMIC satellite; F-region; geomagnetic storm; Ionosphere; Low solar activity

The main objective of the present investigation has been to compare the ionospheric parameters (NmF2 and hmF2) observed by two ground-based ionospheric sounders (one at PALMAS- located near the magnetic equator and the other at Sao Jose dos Campos-located in the low-latitude region) in the Brazilian sector with that by the satellite FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC radio occultation (RO) measurements during two geomagnetic storms which occurred in December 2006 and July 2009. It should be pointed out that in spite of increasing the latitude (to 10°) and longitude (to 20°) around the stations; we had very few common observations. It has been observed that both the peak electron density (NmF2) and peak height (hmF2) observed by two different techniques (space-borne COSMIC and ground-based ionosondes) during both the geomagnetic storm events compares fairly well (with high correlation coefficients) at the two stations in the Brazilian sector. It should be pointed out that due to equatorial spread F (ESF) in the first storm (December 2006) and no-reflections from the ionosphere during nighttime in the second storm (July 2009), we had virtually daytime data from the two ionosondes.

Short TitleAdvances in Space Research

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