TitleThe Design of Space Scanning Mirror Control System Based on Optimal Tracking Controller
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSui, WBo, Song, KFei, Zhang, PJie
JournalAdvanced Materials Research
Pagination790 - 794
Date Published07/2012

Control system of space scanning mirror has high requirement of scanning accuracy. The use of optimal tracking controller, instead of traditional PID controller, can effectively improve the scanning accuracy of space scanning mirror control system. State space model of the control system is established; the control system based on optimal tracking controller is designed; simulation experiment of the control system based on optimal tracking controller is carried out. The simulation result, in comparison with the system based on a PID controller, shows that the scanning mirror control system using optimal tracking controller instead of PID controller has higher scanning accuracy and faster response.

Short TitleAMR

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