TitleIonospheric Sounding and Tomography by GNSS
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsKunitsyn, V, Andreeva, E, Nesterov, I, Padokhi, A
Series EditorJin, S
ISBN Number978-953-51-1144-3

Studies of the ionosphere and the physics of the ionospheric processes rely on the knowledge of spatial distribution of the ionospheric plasma. Being the propagation medium for radio waves, the ionosphere significantly affects the performance of various navigation, location, and communication systems. Therefore, investigation into the structure of the ionosphere is of interest for many practical applications. Existing satellite navigation systems with corresponding ground receiving networks are suitable for sounding the ionosphere along different directions, and processing the data by tomographic methods, i.e. reconstructing the spatial distribution of the ionospheric electron density.


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