TitleIonospheric response to magnetic activity at low and mid-latitude stations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAdebiyi, SJ, Adimula, IA, Oladipo, OA, Joshua, BW, Adebesin, BO, Ikubanni, SO
JournalActa Geophysica
Pagination973 - 989
Date Published08/2014
KeywordsElectric field; equatorial station; Ionosphere; mid-latitude; moderate storm; positive phase

The F2-layer response to the moderate storm of 5–7 April 2010 was investigated using data from two equatorial stations (Ilorin: lat. 8.5°N, 4.5°E; Kwajalein: lat. 9°N, long. 167.2°E) and mid-latitude (San Vito: lat. 40.6°N, long. 17.8°E; Pruhonice: lat. 50°N, long. 14.6°E). Before storm commencement, enhancement, and depletion of NmF2 values were observed in the equatorial and mid-latitude stations, respectively, indicating the latitudinal dependence of the pre-storm event. All the stations with the exception of Kwajalein show positive phase in NmF2 response at the storm onset stage. Positive phase in NmF2 continues over Ilorin and appears on the daytime ionosphere of Kwajalein on 6 April, whereas negative phase suppressed the positive feature in Pruhonice and San Vito until the recovery condition. The differences in the response of F2-layer to the storm for the two equatorial stations were attributed to their longitudinal differences. On the average, both theAE and D st indices revealed poor correlation relationship. More studies are required to ascertain this finding.

Short TitleActa Geophys.

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