TitleSSUSI Aurora Forecast Model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHsieh, SW, Zhang, Y, Schaefer, RK, Romeo, G, Paxton, L
JournalAGU Fall Meeting Abstracts
KeywordsAuroral phenomena; Forecasting; Ionosphere/magnetosphere interactions; Modeling and forecasting

A new capability has been developed at JHU/APL for forecasting the global aurora quantities based on the DMSP SSUSI data and the TIMED/GUVI Global Aurora Model. The SSUSI Aurora Forecast Model predicts the electron energy flux, mean energy, and equatorward boundary in the auroral oval for up to 1 day or 15 DMSP orbits in advance. In our presentation, we will demonstrate this newly implemented capability and its results. The future improvement plan will be discussed too.

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