TitleSolar cycle dependence of the seasonal variation of auroral hemispheric power
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsZheng, L, Fu, SY, Zong, QG, Parks, G, Wang, C, Chen, X
JournalChinese Science Bulletin
Pagination525 - 530
Date Published02/2013
Keywordsauroral power; coupling function; hemispheric asymmetry; precipitation; solar cycle

Although much has been done on the hemispheric asymmetry (or seasonal variations) of auroral hemispheric power (HP), the dependence of HP hemispheric asymmetry on solar cycle has not yet been studied. We have analyzed data during 1979–2010 and investigated the dependence of HP hemispheric asymmetry/seasonal variation for the whole solar cycle. Here we show that (1) the hemispheric asymmetry of HP is positively correlated to the value of solar F10.7 with some time delay; (2) it is closely related to the coupling function between the solar wind and magnetosphere; and (3) the winter hemisphere receives more auroral power than the summer hemisphere for K p∼0 to 6. The statistic results can be partly understood in the framework of the ionospheric conductivity feedback model. The similarity and differences between our results and previous results are discussed in the paper.

Short TitleChin. Sci. Bull.

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