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Corotation of ring current auroral spots at sub-auroral latitudes

AuthorZhang, Yongliang; Paxton, Larry;
KeywordsAuroral spots; Corotation; Sub-auroral latitude

We report observations of auroral spots s at sub-auroral latitudes. The auroral spots occurred during storm-recovery phases and corotated with the Earth at a speed either higher (super-rotation) or lower (sub-rotation) than the Earth\textquoterights rotation rate. In the dawn side, the spots have a slightly higher probability of super-rotation than that of the duskside auroral spots. The super- and sub-rotation is likely due to dynamics of the plasmasphere that is controlled by both drag (sub-rotation) and solar wind driven plasma convection.

Year of Publication2020
JournalJournal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Number of Pages105195
Date PublishedJan-02-2020