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Storm-Time Neutral Composition Changes in the Upper Atmosphere

During geomagnetic storms, energy inputs, such as particle precipitation and Joule heating from the magnetosphere and solar wind, create significant disturbances in the upper atmosphere in the form of changes in the thermospheric density and temperature and, more important, composition, such as O/N 2 column density ratio, nitric oxide (NO) density, and atomic nitrogen (N) density. The composition changes control the ionosphere and have a feedback effect on thermospheric temperature and density due to a cooling effect of enha ...

Zhang, Yongliang; Paxton, Larry;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2021     DOI: 10.1002/9781119815631.ch7

far ultraviolet observations; storm-time neutral composition changes; thermospheric nitric oxide variations; traveling atmospheric disturbance; traveling ionosphere disturbance; upper atmosphere