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Significant Variations of Thermospheric Nitric Oxide Cooling during the Minor Geomagnetic Storm on 6 May 2015

Using observations by the SABER (Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry) instrument on board the TIMED (Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics) satellite and simulations by the TIEGCM (Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Electrodynamics General Circulation Model), we investigate the daytime variations of thermospheric nitric oxide (NO) cooling during the geomagnetic storm on 6 May 2015. The geomagnetic storm was minor, as the minimum Dst was −28 nT, the maximum Kp was 5+ and the maximum AE w ...

Li, Zheng; Sun, Meng; Li, Jingyuan; Zhang, Kedeng; Zhang, Hua; Xu, Xiaojun; Zhao, Xinhua;

Published by: Universe      Published on: apr

YEAR: 2022     DOI: 10.3390/universe8040236

geomagnetic storm; thermosphere; nitric oxide cooling