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Effects of geomagnetic storm on low latitude ionospheric total electron content: A case study from Indian sector

The effect of geomagnetic storms on low latitude ionosphere has been investigated with the help of Global Positioning System Total Electron Content (GPS-TEC) data. The investigation has been done with the aid of TEC data from the Indian equatorial region, Port Blair (PBR) and equatorial ionization anomaly region, Agartala (AGR). During the geomagnetic storms on 24th April and 15th July 2012, significant enhancement up to 150\% and depression up to 72\% in VTEC is observed in comparison to the normal day variation. The var ...

Chakraborty, Monti; Kumar, Sanjay; De, Barin; Guha, Anirban;

Published by: Journal of Earth System Science      Published on: 07/2015

YEAR: 2015     DOI: 10.1007/s12040-015-0588-3

geomagnetic storm; Ionospheric total electron content; low latitude ionosphere