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Spatial structures in solar wind superthermal electrons and polar rain aurora

We report a special polar rain aurora case around 11:24 UT on October 27, 2003, where intense polar rain electrons produced observable polar rain auroral emission with the shape of a roughly dawn-dusk aligned bar. Associated solar wind speed and density observations during the event were around 450 km/s and 2.5 cm−3 respectively. The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) components Bx, By, and Bz were \textasciitilde5, −3, and 5 nT respectively. The negative By condition likely caused the dawnside shift and slight tilt ...

Herschbach, Dennis; Zhang, Yongliang;

Published by: Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics      Published on: jul

YEAR: 2021     DOI: 10.1016/j.jastp.2021.105633

Magnetosphere interaction; Polar rain aurora; Polar rain electrons; solar wind; Solar wind superthermal electrons