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Comparison of the first long-duration IS experiment measurements over Millstone Hill and EISCAT Svalbard radar with IRI2001

The first long-duration incoherent scatter (IS) radar observations over Millstone Hill (42.6°N, 288.5°E) and EISCAT Svalbard radar (ESR, 78.15°N, 16.05°E) from October 4 to November 4, 2002 are compared with the newly updated version of the IRI model (IRI2001). The present study showed that: (1) For the peak parameters hmF2 and foF2, the IRI results are in good agreement with the observations over Millstone Hill, but there are large discrepancies over ESR. For the B parameters, the table option of IRI produces closer val ...

Lei, Jiuhou; Liu, Libo; Wan, Weixing; Zhang, Shun-Rong; Van Eyken, A.P.;

Published by: Advances in Space Research      Published on:

YEAR: 2006     DOI:

Ionosphere; incoherent scatter radar; Modelling and forecasting; International reference ionosphere