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Statistics of GPS TEC at the northern EIA crest region of the Indian subcontinent during the solar cycle 24 (2013-2018): comparison with IRI-2016 and IRI-2012 models

In this study the statistics of ionospheric total electron content (TEC), derived from a GSV4004B dual-frequency Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver at Agartala station (23.450°N, 91.150°E) located in northern equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA) crest region of the Indian subcontinent, is reported with a performance analysis of IRI-2016 and IRI-2012 models during the ascending, maxima, declining and minima phases (2013-2018) of the solar cycle 24. Variations of model total electron content, as obtained from the IRI-20 ...

Patari, Arup; Paul, Bapan; Guha, Anirban;

Published by: Astrophysics and Space Science      Published on: may

YEAR: 2021     DOI: 10.1007/s10509-021-03950-6

EIA; EUV flux; F10.7; GPS TEC; IRI-2012 TEC; IRI-2016 TEC; SSN