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E-Layer Variations During X-Class Flares Inferred from Far Ultraviolet Dayglow Observations

A study is reported that addresses dayglow and ionospheric response to X-class flares that occurred on Oct 28 and Nov 4 2003. Data of interest are 1) the dayglow observations by GUVI and solar EUV/X-ray observations by SEE (both on NASA\textquoterights TIMED satellite), 2) E-region measurements made by the EISCAT radar (on Oct 28) located at Troms\o, Norway, and 3) E-region/F-region IOX GPS occultation measurements (on Nov 4). The timing of the flares was fortunate in that TIMED was on the dayside portion of its orbit whe ...

Strickland, D.~J.; Daniell, R.~E.; Meier, R.~R.; Lean, J.~L.; Straus, P.~R.; Morrison, M.~D.; Paxton, L.;

Published by: AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts      Published on:

YEAR: 2005     DOI:

2479 Solar radiation and cosmic ray effects; 7519 Flares; 7549 Ultraviolet emissions; 7974 Solar effects