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Using IRI and GSM TIP model results as environment for HF radio wave propagation model during the geomagnetic storm occurred on September 26–29, 2011

This paper analyses the geomagnetic storm on September 26–29, 2011. We compare the calculation results obtained using the Global Self-consistent Model of the Thermosphere, Ionosphere and Protonosphere (GSM TIP) and IRI-2012 (Bilitza et al., 2014) model with ground-based ionosonde data of stations at different latitudes and longitudes. We examined physical mechanisms responsible for the formation of ionospheric effects during the main phase of geomagnetic storm that occurred at the rising phase of the 24th solar cycle. We u ...

Kotova, D.S.; Klimenko, M.V.; Klimenko, V.V.; Zakharov, V.E.; Ratovsky, K.G.; Nosikov, I.A.; Zhao, B.;

Published by: Advances in Space Research      Published on:

YEAR: 2015     DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2015.05.009

HF radio wave propagation model; IRI model; First principles model; ionosonde; 3 layer; geomagnetic storm


Frequency estimator with dichotomous search of periodogram peak

Zakharov, Yuriy; Tozer, Tim;

Published by: Electronics Letters      Published on:

YEAR: 1999     DOI: