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Assimilation of Multiple Data Types to a Regional Ionosphere Model With a 3D-Var Algorithm (IDA4D)

For the purpose of building a regional (bound 20\textendash60\textdegreeN in latitude and 110\textendash160\textdegreeE in longitude) ionospheric nowcast model, we investigated the performance of IDA4D (Ionospheric Data Assimilation Four-Dimension) technique considering International Reference Ionosphere model as the background. The data utilized in assimilation were slant total electron content (STEC) from 27 ground GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver stations and NmF2 (ionospheric F2 peak density) from five ionoson ...

Mengist, Chalachew; Ssessanga, Nicholas; Jeong, Se-Heon; Kim, Jeong-Heon; Kim, Yong; Kwak, Young-Sil;

Published by: Space Weather      Published on: 06/2019

YEAR: 2019     DOI: 10.1029/2019SW002159