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Design and performance of the Global Ultraviolet Imager (GUVI)

The Global UV imager (GUVI) is an imaging spectrometer on the NASA TIMED spacecraft. GUVI produces simultaneous monochromatic images at five \textquoterightcolors\textquoteright as its field of view is scanned from horizon to horizon. The instrument consists of a scan mirror feeding a parabolic telescope and Rowland circle spectrometer, with a wedge-and-strip detector at the focal plane. We describe the design, and give an overview of the environmental parameters that will be measured. GUVI is a modified version of the Sp ...

Humm, D.~C.; Paxton, L.J.; Christensen, A.~B.; Ogorzalek, B.~S.; Pardoe, C.~T.; Meng, C.-I.; Morrison, D.; Strickland, D.~J.; Evans, J.~S.; Weiss, M.~B.; Crain, W.; Lew, P.~H.; Mabry, D.~J.; Goldsten, J.~O.; Gary, S.~A.; Peacock, K.; Persons, D.~F.; Harold, M.~J.; Alvarez, E.~B.; Ercol, C.~J.;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 1998     DOI:


Spectrographs in space

Peacock, Keith;

Published by: Small Spacecraft, Space Environments, and Instrumentation Technologies      Published on:

YEAR: 1997     DOI: