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Modeling the problem of low-orbital satellite UV-tomography of the ionosphere

The results of modeling the direct and inverse problems of low-orbital satellite ultraviolet (UV) tomography of the ionospheric 135.6 OI volume emission rate are presented. The direct problem was solved with the orbital geometry of DMSP block 5D3 satellites with SSUSI and SSULI UV spectrographs among the other payloads, the real operating parameters of these instruments (the scan rate and the interval of scan angles), and the set of the model distributions of the volume emission rate that contain irregularities on various ...

Nesterov, I.; Padokhin, A.; Andreeva, E.; Kalashnikova, S.;

Published by: Moscow University Physics Bulletin      Published on: 06/2016

YEAR: 2016     DOI: 10.3103/S0027134916030103


Earthquake Prediction Research Using Radio Tomography of the Ionosphere

Under development since its invention in 1990 as an ancillary application of ionospheric radio-tomography (RT), a new earthquake (EQ) prediction system is being evaluated. It has already been deployed along the United States West Coast, from Vancouver in Canada to San Diego in Southern California, and is currently undergoing Beta testing. This Chapter addresses RT\textendashEQ prediction concepts, the underlying RT theory, evolution and implementation, and a few examples of the Beta test system\textquoterights performance ...

Kunitsyn, Vyacheslav; Andreeva, Elena; Nesterov, Ivan; Padokhin, Artem; Gribkov, Dmitrii; Rekenthaler, Douglas;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2014     DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-02207-9_15


Ionospheric Sounding and Tomography by GNSS

Studies of the ionosphere and the physics of the ionospheric processes rely on the knowledge of spatial distribution of the ionospheric plasma. Being the propagation medium for radio waves, the ionosphere significantly affects the performance of various navigation, location, and communication systems. Therefore, investigation into the structure of the ionosphere is of interest for many practical applications. Existing satellite navigation systems with corresponding ground receiving networks are suitable for sounding the i ...

Kunitsyn, Vyacheslav; Andreeva, Elena; Nesterov, Ivan; Padokhi, Artem;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2013     DOI: 10.5772/54589


Total electron content mapping using global navigation satellite systems

Kunitsyn, VE; Andreeva, ES; Nesterov, IA; Kalashnikova, SA; Padokhin, AM;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2012     DOI:


Comparison of global ionospheric maps, high-orbital and low-orbital radio tomography.

Observations on the GPS receivers networks which are being actively developed at present provide the input data for constructing global ionospheric maps (GIM) of the distributions of total electron content (TEC) in the ionosphere. The methods applied in the GIM construction at several data processing centers are different although all based on the common idea of finding the appropriate model parameters to fit the selected model of the vertical distribution of electron density to the observed GPS data. At the same time, th ...

Kunitsyn, V.~E.; Andreeva, E.~S.; Nesterov, I.~A.; Kalashnikova, S.~A.; Padokhin, A.~M.;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR: 2010     DOI:

TEC studies by satellite navigation.

Kunitsyn, VE; Andreeva, ES; Nesterov, IA; Kalashnikova, SA; Padokhin, AM;

Published by:       Published on:

YEAR:     DOI: