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Investigating Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere (M-I-T) Coupling Occurring During the 7\textendash8 November 2004 Superstorm

In this study, we investigate the shock-sheath driven 7\textendash8 November 2004 superstorm for its flux transfer events and resultant flow channel (FC) events and associated neutral (DN) and electron (Ne) density features in order to understand better the underlying coupled magnetosphere (M) and ionosphere (I) processes and responses in the thermosphere (T). We focus on the (i) subauroral, auroral, and polar cap regions, (ii) localized DN increases and associated Ne features and ...

Horvath, Ildiko; Lovell, Brian;

YEAR: 2020     DOI: 10.1029/2019JA027484

flow channels; large-scale FACs; localized neutral density increases; nitric oxide (NO); Poynting flux; type-1 and type-2 aurorae


Positive and negative ionospheric storms occurring during the 15 May 2005 geomagnetic superstorm

This study focuses on the 15 May 2005 geomagnetic superstorm and aims to investigate the global variation of positive and negative storm phases and their development. Observations are provided by a series of global total electron content maps and multi-instrument line plots. Coupled Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Plasmasphere electrodynamics (CTIPe) simulations are also employed. Results reveal some sunward streaming plumes of storm-enhanced density (SED) over Asia and a well-developed midlatitude trough over North America formi ...

Horvath, Ildiko; Lovell, Brian;

YEAR: 2015     DOI: 10.1002/2015JA021206

CTIP/CTIPe simulations; Ionospheric storms; midlatitude trough; polar TOI; SED plume; thermospheric composition