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Understanding the role of exospheric density in the ring current recovery rate

Atomic Hydrogen (H) is the most abundant constituent of the terrestrial exosphere. Its charge exchange interaction with ring current ions (H+ and O+) serves to dissipate magnetospheric energy during geomagnetic storms, resulting in the generation of energetic neutral atoms (ENAs). Determination of ring current ion distributions through modeling depends critically on the specification of the exospheric H density distribution. Furthermore, theoretical studies have demonstrated that ring current recovery rate after the storm on ...

Cucho-Padin, Gonzalo; site, this; Ferradas, Cristian; Waldrop, Lara; Fok, Mei-Ching; site, this;

Published by: Earth and Space Science Open Archive ESSOAr      Published on: jan

YEAR: 2021     DOI: 10.1002/essoar.10505770.1

Atmospheric Sciences; Atmospheric Sciences / Magnetospheric Particles