GUVI Level 3 Data Products -

GUVI Level 3 Data Products 



Electron Density Profiles


What am I looking at?


F region electron density as a function of altitude and latitude derived from the GUVI limb data. Summaries of estimated peak electron density and total electron content are also given.


How were they produced?


The profiles are derived from the 135.6 nm channel of the GUVI limb data. The 135.6 nm emission at night is due almost exclusively to recombination of O+ ions. Since O+ is the primary ion in the F region, the 135.6 nm volume emission rate is closely related to the square of the electron density. 


Details of the procedure of producing the electron densities are given in:

DeMajistre, R., L.J. Paxton, D. Morrison, J-H. Yee, L.P. Goncherenko and A.B. Christensen, Retrievals of nighttime electron density from Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere and Dynamics (TIMED) mission Global Ultraviolet Imager (GUVI) Measurements, J. Geophys Res.,  109,  A05305, doi:10.1029/20003JA010296.


Data Files –  Available for in both NetCDF and IDLsave files.  On-line access for download.


Summary Images –  Peak density and TEC estimates available in both PostScript and PDF files.  On-line access for download.


Sample Images