Global UltraViolet Imager

SPIE ProceedingsSSUSI-Lite: a far-ultraviolet hyper-spectral imager for space weather remote sensing

<p>SSUSI-Lite is a far-ultraviolet (115-180nm) hyperspectral imager for monitoring space weather. The SSUSI and GUVI sensors, its predecessors, have demonstrated their value as space weather monitors. SSUSI-Lite is a refresh of the Special Sensor Ultraviolet Spectrographic Imager (SSUSI) design that has flown on the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) spacecraft F16 through F19. The refresh updates the 25-year-old design and insures that the next generation of SSUSI/GUVI sensors can be accommodated on any number of potential platforms. SSUSI-Lite maintains the same optical layout as SSUSI, includes updates to key functional elements, and reduces the sensor volume, mass, and power requirements. SSUSI-Lite contains an improved scanner design that results in precise mirror pointing and allows for variable scan profiles. The detector electronics have been redesigned to employ all digital pulse processing. The largest decrease in volume, mass, and power has been obtained by consolidating all control and power electronics into one data processing unit.</p>
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